little c.

it is always such an honor to be asked to photograph people.  this session was definitley no exception.  i have gotten to know the wonderful and amazing parents of this little guy a few years back and i was so excited for them when i found out they were expecting their third child!  it was back last year, sometime around mid november when mom had inquired about photos for their little bundle of joy, and as i always say…where has time gone?  that seems only like yesterday and now little c is here, more beautiful than ever.

what a fun session this was today, he could not have been more cooperative.  truly angelic in every way.  i always tend to get so sentimental when i look at photos of little newborn babies.  they are so full of hope, promise, and beauty.  just starting out…

thank you again to this family for asking me to capture some of life’s truly amazing moments for you.  i hope my vision and captures were exactly what you were wishing for.  it was truly a wonderful way to start the day.

enjoy your memories!


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sweet anticipation.

winter can certainly be the perfect wonderland for photos, and if it wasn’t for the very cold temperatures, snow and chilling winds that it often brings it truly would be one of the most divine settings for a photo session.  now let me just say that even though these photos absolutely warm my heart inside and out, there was NOTHING warm about this experience for this amazing, brave and very beautiful couple.

expecting thier little bundle of sweetness at the end of february, it was truly an honor to capture some moments for them before baby arrives.  thank you for being such wonderful sports and for embracing the bitter cold! you would never think that it was close to -30 degrees outside!

i really hope that these images capture all of the excitement and love in your hearts.  thank you again for the most wonderful afternoon!


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favorites of mine.

it has been awhile since i have posted any recent work, so i thought i would post a few favorites of mine from a family session i did back at the beginning of november.  the photos were taken as part of a gift for a beautiful couple’s 40th wedding anniversary.  it was so much fun to just spend the afternoon with such wonderful and refreshing people who truly love life and love to have fun.  nothing could be more uplifting or inspiring.

here are just a few of my favorites of one of the families.  this little guy truly took my breath away.  the minute i saw his eyes and eyelashes i was in heaven!  could he seriously be any more adorable?  both me and my camera truly fell in love.

so needless to say, i ended up with more than just one ‘favorite’.


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sweet as candy.

in true tradition, i had the awesome job of capturing these little sweeties before they headed out trick or treating today on a beautiful sunday afternoon.

they were the most amazing re-enactment of Alice in Wonderland…the perfect little trio! (and how CUTE is the cheschire cat?)

thanks again for the awesome visit and super fun mini photo shoot!

enjoy your memories…can’t wait until next year!


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i had been asked to do family photos for this wonderful family months ago…and in between busy schedules and life, we were finally able to get together…of course on a rainy/snowy weekend!  oh well, nothing could stop them this time around!  getting together is a rarity for this family due to schedules, work, and of course not all living in the same place so we had to take full advantage-rain or no rain!

thank you so much for being so wonderful and i am forever grateful that you wanted me to capture these precious memories and moments for you all.  you are a beautiful family…and i enjoyed our time together!  it was short and sweet due to our lovely changing season, but you could never tell from these photos.  your love for one another truly shines!  thank you for the inspiration.

emjoy your memories!


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