today i was grateful for many things.  for the blue sky, for the sunshine, for the birds that i could hear singing outside.  easter weekend.  this time of year is so significant in so many ways.  for hope, for fresh starts, for growth and bloom, sweeter warm days ahead.  it is all good.

i was also especially grateful that i was able to spend some time with this beautiful-melt-my-heart-make-my-camera-so-happy kind of day.  i love documenting families.  i love just hanging out and being there to snap moments, spend time with the kiddos and just enjoy and play.  the simplicity of it all makes me so happy and inspires my heart.  today was no exception.

what is especially meaningful for me today was that i have always secretly wanted to photograph these kiddo’s.  they are truly some of the cutest and most beautiful children i know, so when mom had messaged me and was wanting a session, i was completely thrilled!  thank you for such a fun time this morning, it is always such an honor to be asked to capture and document memories for someone, and was a great way to start off the day and weekend.  i hope you enjoy your memories.


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the progression of time sure is a funny thing.  it seems these days my mind is focused alot on the concept of time, time moving too fast, time moving too slow, time spent in anticipation, time spent in savoring moments that i never wish to let go of. time, time, time….

i am truly reminded of this when i photograph babies and new families.  what a journey parenthood is.  from the beginning to the present, so much change, so much love, so so much of everything.  it is truly a whirlwhind journey for life, but so worth every moment, every second of time.

what is especially precious for me is that not only is this brand new family close to my heart, but i have had the honor of being there. Photographing the exciting anticipation, and now the beginning of the journey. brand new parents, a brand new family begins…so cool. :)

at a time when the world seems so cold and full of struggle and grief, it is moments like these that bring me peace, a renewed sense of faith and a belief in the good.  i just have to remember that without dark there would be no light. these photos for me are truly that…light, faith, hope and promise.  time, sweet time.

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in a few short weeks, she is about to embark on an amazing new journey.

the journey of motherhood.

it was only a few weeks back in january when i shot their inital maternity shoot.  we never got to shooting some individual belly shots outside due to the freezing temperatures, but thankfully mother nature has decided to be kind (for now) and with above average temperatures we were able to capture some beautiful moments.

she is truly one of the most beautiful girls i know. simply glowing.


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power of passion.

there is nothing more powerful than a love or passion for something.  i believe they (our passions) carry us through life.  they bring us power and meaning. confidence and excitement and drive. passions make us look forward to something, they challenge us and create a place for us to excel and to rejuvenate our heart and soul.  i believe our very passions define who we are.  what we value.  what we love. 

i am absolutely passionate about photography and scrapbooking.  documenting life in any and every way possible is something that i am passionate about.  i have journaled since i could write.  i have always loved to take pictures.  in some way these random acts of life when i was a child have continued to grow deeper within me and have developed into my ultimate passion.

my husband is absolutely passionate about sledding.  he lives, eats, and breathes it.  his passion has brought him peace and excitement, memories with friends and family.  it means everything to him and more.  i can totally relate (and i love that).

having our passions collide is something that means the world to me.  having the opportunity to photograph and document something that is my husbands heart and soul makes me so happy.  so in honor of valentines day, and all things LOVE, here is just a snippet into the world of what happened when our passions collided the other afternoon.


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right now i am completely captivated by simplistic beauty.

this latest baby session was truly that for me.

no fancy props, no fancy technology…nothing but some sweet open light streaming from a window and a beautiful baby inside for me to photograph to my heart’s content.  seriously, what a lucky day for me.  not only is it always such an honor to be asked by someone to photograph and document memories for them, but it is always even more special when that person happens to be one of my dearest friends.  it is always an added bonus when we can sneek in a much needed catch up visit as well!

little baby d. is truly a gift from heaven.  such a beautiful little baby boy for you to love and cherish.  thank you for the awesome afternoon.  nothing inspires me more than this.

enjoy your memories!


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