just us three...and one on the way!

before they officially become a family of 4, i went out with this adorable family to capture some moments before the arrival of their little one.

i am always so honored to be asked to document families, and again this one was no exception.  it is just so awesome to see families begin and grow, and it just feels like yesterday when their first was born.  now, he is just weeks away from becoming a big brother! how awesome!

it was a beautiful night, with incredible light, and i adore you all.

thank you for the time, the laughs, the moments and the love.

cannot wait to meet your brand new baby soon!


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every now and then life throws us reminders of what is true and good.  what really matters.  it is a journey full of ups and downs, unexpected moments and curve balls but it is those moments of true clarity when you really feel your purpose is on the path that it is destined for.  that is when i get the feeling of “ok, yes i get it now”.

when i photograph families nothing makes me happier.  maybe because for a moment i know that they can just be together and celebrate it and it is my job to translate those memories into frozen pictures.  that beautiful moment that i am able to witness is now gone, but at the same time has been captured for them to experience back and treasure forever.

this family is especially close to my heart.  they have welcomed their 2nd child into the world, a beautiful baby girl.

what a sweet afternoon spent. 

thank you for allowing me to spend some time with you and capture the beginnings of your new life together as a family of 4. 


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this is my girl.  you know, that person that you know will make you feel so good about yourself, who you can count on to make you feel energized and beautiful and ready for the world.  all the girls out there have a person like that in their lives.  their one and only hairstylist. :)

this is sherry.  my one and only. she is all sorts of awesome. 

we have gotten to know each other over the years and i feel so blessed to have connected with such an amazing girl.  one who is full of smiles and energy.  she has recently started on a new venture in her life regarding her career as a hairstylist.  she has relocated to a new shop in sherwood park, alberta called L Hair Studio (http://www.lhairstudio.com/) where she can work her magic!

part of this new venture included some headshots for some future advertising and i was completely honored and thrilled to spend some creative time with her. 

thank you so much for an awesome morning and afternoon!  we never run out of things to chat about, especially our upcoming trip to phoenix, arizona for a massive scrapbooking event!  it is going to be the perfect time and i am so excited to share it with you sherry.

you are truly gorgeous and i hope that this little snippet of your session fits in perfectly with the vision you imagined.









to one of my best friends:

i have wished for you so many things.  as one of the most beautiful girls i know (inside & out) i am so very honored and proud to be in your life.  to be your friend. 

in just weeks you will become a married woman.  i am so excited and happy for you.  you have an amazing man beside you and the most gorgeous angelic daughter to complete your perfect little family.  you are so blessed and i am so proud of you and how hard you have worked and how you have pushed past and defeated every obstacle that has ever come your way.  you are so brave, and that is one of your qualities (among many) that i so admire about you.

even though our time spent together the other day was short and sweet, i hope you love the images i was able to capture for you.  i think you can agree from the photos that you would never think you had one sick little girl on your hands.  despite being under the weather, nothing could tame that carefree sparkling spirit of hers that was passed on to her by you.

i am counting down the days to your big day and look so forward to standing beside you as you begin the next chapter of your life with your new husband.  you deserve the world and more…and it looks like you are well on your way.

i love you girl.

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i do.

on saturday may 14th i had the incredible honor of photographing a very special couple.  i have known the bride since i was a kid and we grew up together in the same neighborhood.  it was such an amazing wedding.  i feel so blessed that i was able to spend the day with them, documenting the day they became husband and wife.

here is a collection of some of my favorite moments of the day.

Untitled-1.jpg Untitled-2.jpg Untitled-3.jpg Untitled-4.jpg Untitled-5.jpg IMG_1231.jpg Untitled-7.jpg IMG_0787.jpg Untitled-9.jpg IMG_1041.jpg Untitled-6.jpg Untitled-8.jpg IMG_1023.jpg Untitled-10.jpg IMG_1002.jpg IMG_1287.jpg IMG_1207.jpg IMG_1251.jpg


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