treasured memories.

what a perfect evening.

i was able to meet with this family while spending some time here in edmonton.

ways for me to describe this family…..BEAUTIFUL, FUN, SPIRITED, LOVING….the list truly goes on and on.

i had the best night capturing moments, giggles, emerging personalities, love…it was truly a very energizing and inspiring family session.  i am truly grateful.

to this family…thank you for choosing me to capture your incredible family.  you are all so beautiful in each of your own little ways and my only hope is that you will feel incredible joy, happiness and peace when you remember and look back on these photos down the road.

i hope you enjoy this little sneek peek…as there are many, many more moments coming your way to enjoy!


IMG_9129.jpg IMG_9028.jpg IMG_8949.jpg IMG_8897.jpg IMG_9317.jpg IMG_9227_.jpg IMG_9148_.jpg

kissing cousins.

seriously…how CUTE are these kiddo’s?

I had the very fun and lucky job of capturing these little ones spirits…and they truly take my breath away.

there is just something about their sparkly eyes, toothless grins, and bambi eyelashes that melt my heart every single time.

IMG_8636.jpg IMG_8763.jpg IMG_8721.jpg IMG_8497.jpg IMG_8565.jpg

perfect 5.

considering we had some weather challenges to deal with, i am so happy that we had decided to reschedule and go out on such a beautiful evening to capture some awesome family moments! 

it was a perfect night, and what a beautiful family to document…i must say!

your children are so adorable, spirited, and simply beautiful. 

thank you so much for allowing me to spend some quality time documenting and capturing your family…i had a wonderful night. 

here is just a small sampling of the many more that i was able to record for you. 

i hope you are pleased and are anxiously looking forward to seeing the rest…there are quite a few adorable ones!

    IMG_8018.jpg IMG_7845.jpg IMG_7959.jpg IMG_7921.jpg IMG_8114.jpg IMG_8454.jpg osinfamily.jpg

awaiting baby.

 maternity moments of my cousin and her husband.

a beautiful sunday afternoon spent together, laughing and reconnecting and capturing.

how much better can life be sometimes?

it was the perfect afternoon and we had so much fun.

enjoy the remaining weeks of your pregnancy and savor the feelings of anticipation, as baby will be arriving in just a few short weeks!

thank you for the fabulous day of inspiration and reconnection.


 Untitled-3_.jpgIMG_7237.jpg IMG_7212.jpg IMG_7149.jpg   Untitled-3.jpg IMG_7044.jpg IMG_7007.jpg

girlie glam

amazing day of energy IN is how i can describe my time with this BEAUTIFUL girl!

i had the very awesome job of second shooting with Allison from Moments Photography.

here are a few of my favorite moments of the girls and details.

thank you allison for your inspiration and vision…here’s to the journey ahead girl! xxx ooo

IMG_7643.jpg IMG_7696.jpg IMG_7665.jpg IMG_7648.jpg IMG_7706.jpg


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