true reminder.

every once in a while, i have a photo session that just takes my breath away.

this family did just that for me.  totally reaffirming why i love to do what i do.

i think there is just something special about watching people’s lives grow…and considering i have been friends with this couple since we were kids, i could not be more prouder of them and all that they have accomplished, and continue to accomplish as they continue on their journey raising their 2 beautiful children.

i hope you love these images, there are many more beautiful ones coming your way!

thanks for the love! it was truly a fabulous session!


family_edited-1.jpg bryce.jpg taytum.jpg family2.jpg


 so i finally was able to talk my mom into a little photoshoot.

and i simply ADORE these photos of her.

it was a quick little mini session this morning, but it was so fun to just capture some images of my mom ‘rockin’ it out!

of course i will not say her age….however i just pray that i am blessed with her genetics…she is going to soon have a daughter who is going to be turning 30 in a couple years and she looks like she could be 30!

thanks mom for the fun mini shoot this morning…you are beautiful!



fall sweetness.

despite the cool rainy weather, it turned out to be a perfect night of fall sweetness.

a perfect time to get together, to celebrate all of the special things that make fall my favorite time of the year to photograph sweet families.

thank you so much to the m family, you have been with me on this little journey of mine since the beginning…and it truly takes my breath away to think about how much has changed and become of you all since sweet little a was born.  it seems like yesterday when I had taken your maternity photos and she was still just that bump in your belly and twinkle in your eyes.  incredible to think that you are now complete with a beautiful son who is growing so fast!

enjoy your memories, i hope you ‘fall’ in love with them!



sunday afternoon.

 i had so much fun this afternoon spending time photographing this beautiful family.

it was so great getting to know you all, and your adorable spirited boys!

they were so much fun and thank you so very much for allowing me the very special job of photographing some family moments for you all.

enjoy your sneek peek, there are many more moments for you to enjoy!



coming together.

 it was almost 9 years ago when these beautiful people came into my life.

i am blessed to call these individuals my family since meeting my husband and they are truly the most beautiful individuals.

it is so hard to believe how much time has passed, and how many things have happened throughout all our lives.

and now, baby K is going to be spreading her wings (who I met when she was just 10 years old) to radiate her spirit as she begins on her mission.

it was such a great evening spending time with all of you, doing what I simply love to do.

enjoy your sneek peek!








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