this is my girl.  you know, that person that you know will make you feel so good about yourself, who you can count on to make you feel energized and beautiful and ready for the world.  all the girls out there have a person like that in their lives.  their one and only hairstylist. :)

this is sherry.  my one and only. she is all sorts of awesome. 

we have gotten to know each other over the years and i feel so blessed to have connected with such an amazing girl.  one who is full of smiles and energy.  she has recently started on a new venture in her life regarding her career as a hairstylist.  she has relocated to a new shop in sherwood park, alberta called L Hair Studio ( where she can work her magic!

part of this new venture included some headshots for some future advertising and i was completely honored and thrilled to spend some creative time with her. 

thank you so much for an awesome morning and afternoon!  we never run out of things to chat about, especially our upcoming trip to phoenix, arizona for a massive scrapbooking event!  it is going to be the perfect time and i am so excited to share it with you sherry.

you are truly gorgeous and i hope that this little snippet of your session fits in perfectly with the vision you imagined.








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