the progression of time sure is a funny thing.  it seems these days my mind is focused alot on the concept of time, time moving too fast, time moving too slow, time spent in anticipation, time spent in savoring moments that i never wish to let go of. time, time, time….

i am truly reminded of this when i photograph babies and new families.  what a journey parenthood is.  from the beginning to the present, so much change, so much love, so so much of everything.  it is truly a whirlwhind journey for life, but so worth every moment, every second of time.

what is especially precious for me is that not only is this brand new family close to my heart, but i have had the honor of being there. Photographing the exciting anticipation, and now the beginning of the journey. brand new parents, a brand new family begins…so cool. :)

at a time when the world seems so cold and full of struggle and grief, it is moments like these that bring me peace, a renewed sense of faith and a belief in the good.  i just have to remember that without dark there would be no light. these photos for me are truly that…light, faith, hope and promise.  time, sweet time.

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