just blink.  that is how fast (and how much) life can change. it is instant.

was it not just yesterday we were staying up all night, sleeping at each other’s houses, planning trips to the mall, reading magazines, dating boys, doing makeovers, dancing in our bedroom and just being girls?  seriously it seems like in one blink everything has changed so much and so fast and we are now all on our life journey’s as official grown-ups.  and you hannan, a soon to be mother of 2!

i guess you can say that this session is extremely special for me in more ways than i can even begin to describe at this moment.  i have all the words inside, i just don’t know where to begin.  most of all, i just feel so lucky to be able to photograph such a special time in a friends life as she stands right on the edge of another huge moment that is about to begin.  any week now she will be holding another beautiful little baby in her arms to love, cherish and complete her family.  and it will happen…all in a blink.

thank you hannan for an awesome catch up visit with you and your family and your beautiful boy cody who i believe stole the show today.  his adorable little spirit and those dimples made me fall head over heels in love.  and reaffirm why i love doing what i do and why photography fills my spirit with something that words cannot even begin to describe.  it is moments like the ones that we shared today that remind me how there is so much to look forward to in this life.  as hard and difficult as things might get, it is truly sweet.

i hope you love these memories as much as i did taking them for you.  i look forward to hearing the news any week now that you, les, and cody have welcomed your new baby into this world!


realize deeply that the present moment is all that you ever have” ~ekhart tolle

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