there is truly nothing better in this life than having the ability to share what you love with others.

right now i am taking an amazing art journal class and in it we talk alot about what drives us, what our passions are, what fuels our energy in our lives.  while doing a few of the assignments i cannot stop thinking, or feeling so much gratitude, for what photography has brought into my life.  one of my goals in doing photography is being able to project that love onto the people i photograph and into their images.  creating memories and moments for them to love…to experience that amazing feeling that i get when i capture images for them.

this is my cousin’s beautiful daughter sophia.  when they were in town a few weeks back for the weekend we spent an afternoon together. it was awesome.  she is such a little doll.  here are a few of my favorites.

       {i want my life to be my life….full of things that bring unique joy and necessary lessons to me and to those that i love}

IMG_3149.jpg IMG_3161.jpg Untitled-2.jpg IMG_3157.jpg IMG_3250.jpg Untitled-3.jpg IMG_3282.jpg

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