power of passion.

there is nothing more powerful than a love or passion for something.  i believe they (our passions) carry us through life.  they bring us power and meaning. confidence and excitement and drive. passions make us look forward to something, they challenge us and create a place for us to excel and to rejuvenate our heart and soul.  i believe our very passions define who we are.  what we value.  what we love. 

i am absolutely passionate about photography and scrapbooking.  documenting life in any and every way possible is something that i am passionate about.  i have journaled since i could write.  i have always loved to take pictures.  in some way these random acts of life when i was a child have continued to grow deeper within me and have developed into my ultimate passion.

my husband is absolutely passionate about sledding.  he lives, eats, and breathes it.  his passion has brought him peace and excitement, memories with friends and family.  it means everything to him and more.  i can totally relate (and i love that).

having our passions collide is something that means the world to me.  having the opportunity to photograph and document something that is my husbands heart and soul makes me so happy.  so in honor of valentines day, and all things LOVE, here is just a snippet into the world of what happened when our passions collided the other afternoon.


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