today i was grateful for many things.  for the blue sky, for the sunshine, for the birds that i could hear singing outside.  easter weekend.  this time of year is so significant in so many ways.  for hope, for fresh starts, for growth and bloom, sweeter warm days ahead.  it is all good.

i was also especially grateful that i was able to spend some time with this beautiful-melt-my-heart-make-my-camera-so-happy kind of day.  i love documenting families.  i love just hanging out and being there to snap moments, spend time with the kiddos and just enjoy and play.  the simplicity of it all makes me so happy and inspires my heart.  today was no exception.

what is especially meaningful for me today was that i have always secretly wanted to photograph these kiddo’s.  they are truly some of the cutest and most beautiful children i know, so when mom had messaged me and was wanting a session, i was completely thrilled!  thank you for such a fun time this morning, it is always such an honor to be asked to capture and document memories for someone, and was a great way to start off the day and weekend.  i hope you enjoy your memories.


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