the beauty of nostalgia.

so as a christmas gift for their mom, miss k. had phoned me up last december wanting a gift certificate for her mom for a family photo session.

we waited almost a year later to go out and have some photo fun, but of course we all wanted to enjoy and relish the fall beauty…and boy did we ever!  we had probably scored one of the most beautiful evenings to spend some time together taking photographs so it was definitley well worth the wait!

we went out to miss k’s dad’s farm where he had grown up as a child…and it was just so amazing to be in a place FULL of photographic inspiration, memories, nostalgia and pure and simple beauty.  what a fabulous night.

here is a sneek peek of your images, i am hoping that you love them and are anxiously awaiting the rest! they should be done very soon and thank you for sharing such a special place in your hearts with me.  it was a wonderful night.  i walked away with a FULL and HAPPY heart.

enjoy your memories!


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