dazzling lights.

after months of trying to coordinate schedules, weather, and every other possible thing that could fall in the way, i was finally able to get together with this BEAUTIFUL girl for a session to celebrate her, celebrate her talents, celebrate her future…what she LOVES.

i love when others want to celebrate themselves and their passions…so this little mini-shoot was just that.  a celebration of life, beauty, talent, passion…all of the GOOD things that we experience as human beings.

i know that this girl has the brightest future as she is so musically talented, beautiful and fearless.  she is on her way to the bright lights of hollywood, california come december and i just have a feeling that we are all going to see her name in dazzling lights some day!

congratulations on all that you have accomplished and keep chasing those dreams and bright lights!

thank you for allowing me to capture these moments and celebrate all that you are and all that you dream of becoming!

enjoy your memories!


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